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280047 – SdKfz 305/3a Expansion Set – Box Body (Einheitskoffer)


One of the variants of the SdKfz 305 Opel Blitz and the SdKfz 3a Maultier was the box body (Einheitskoffer).  The design of the Einheitskoffer was identical for all trucks in terms of dimensions, position and number of windows, doors and stowage boxes, and was made of plywood and hard-fibre panels.  This design approach offered a wide variety of potential usage.  It was used for a number of roles including workshop, laundry, laboratory, command, communication, cipher office, ambulance, kitchen and many other purposes.

This approach created many small differences in details, including the superstructure frame, telescopic antenna mast, stowage space, stowage boxes, internal lighting, and additional tools.  Worth mentioning, the Luftwaffe alone introduced no less than 137 variants under the designation Kfz 305.

EXPANSION KIT ONLY – Requires SdKfz 305/3a BASE KIT* to complete full model

* Base kit includes one of the following:

280026 SdKfz 305 Blitz → SdKfz 305 Box Body

280046 SdKfz 3a Maultier → SdKfz 3a Box Body

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Product Highlights:
– Add-on for SdKfz 305 (280026) and SdKfz 3a (280046)

– Optional rooftop ventilation for box body

– Optional rear ladder in folded or extended position

– Optional fuel cans & spare tyre


Product Code: 280047

Number of Parts: 21 pieces / 1 sprue


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