Frequently asked questions

Items on back order are currently not in stock, on pre-order or items that are inbound but not here yet. You can order these as normal items that are in stock but will take longer to arrive.

Does your order contain 'pre-order' or 'on back order' then your order will be shipped as soon as the items arrive, depending on where the items are coming from this might take days or weeks. We will do our utmost to keep you informed.

We do ship all over the world, but if you know a company that might be interested in stocking our ranges please let us know or ask the potential new stockist to contact us.

Producing new miniatures is a time consuming and labour intensive job, it might take months or more to go from a "green" to a production mini ready for the tabletop.

Our miniatures are 28mm, and fit in perfectly with most other brands, they are more realistically sculpted than most, not as stocky and with clear and crisp details.