Master pledge

 499.00 incl. VAT


Fight a massive battle on Dutch soil. Enough mini’s to start a Dutch and Fallschirmjäger army.
This pledge includes a FREE Command HQ section of 4 senior officers in a scenic pose, a FREE pack of Asparagus obstacles, and a FREE set of drop-containers (1 container of each type, KS exclusive).

All command sections and squads will have as many uniquely posed mini’s as possible though duplicates are possible. Choose which items you want in your pledge.

This pledge includes FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE. You will receive contact and invoice info for postage post kickstarter.
Add the cost of any add-ons you desire to your pledge amount.

This pledge will really get you going.

Retail value: €576,85 (incl free items value)
Free items retail value: €47,85

200 minis
2 vehicles
3 guns
9 support weapons
10 obstacles
8 dropcontainers

All of this for €499,- and FREE worldwide shipping (shipping calculated in the webstore after the Kickstarter ends)




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