Military Operations of the Dutch Army 10th-17th May 1940

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    Most studies of the 1940 Western Campaign have tended to focus on a narrow range of topics, principally those relating the German forces or the epic of Dunkirk. The publication of this title is aimed at redressing the balance by providing a detailed account of the operations of the Dutch army during this campaign.

    The author begins by presenting a detailed account of the Dutch army prior to the campaign, including its plan of campaign. He also includes a fascinating chapter discussing the geography of the Netherlands from a military point of view. The remainder of the text consists of a daily account of the Dutch army’s operations down to regimental or independent battalion-level. In doing so, the author clearly demonstrates the combat capability of the Dutch troops and the brave and tenacious defense with which they met the German invasion.

    Appendices provide a detailed order-of-battle, and sample orders.

    This is a significant contribution to the literature available on the 1940 campaign in France and the Low Countries.

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