The Battle of the Netherlands saw one of the first major uses of paratroopers to occupy crucial targets prior to ground troops reaching the area. The German Luftwaffe utilised paratroopers in the capture of several major airfields in the Netherlands in and around key cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague in order to quickly overrun the nation and immobilise Dutch forces.

The battle ended soon after the devastating bombing of Rotterdam by the German Luftwaffe and the subsequent threat by the Germans to bomb other large Dutch cities if Dutch forces refused to surrender. The Dutch General Staff knew it could not stop the bombers and surrendered in order to prevent other cities from suffering the same fate. The Netherlands remained under German occupation until 1945, when the last Dutch territory was liberated.

Our mission is to bring you 28mm miniatures that are excellent for wargaming but can also be used for diorama's or in exhibitions in musea.

The miniatures are made as historically accurate as possible in this scale. We hope you enjoy

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May '40 Miniatures has been a long time dream come realized. Being a gamer for more than 20 years (fantasy/scifi) I wanted to do something else. Several years ago I made the switch to historical wargaming, specifically WW2 (Bolt Action (other rule sets are out there).

Starting out with late war Germans. But I wanted something else, Something that wasn't readily available. After lots of planning and thinking and replanning, putting things on hold because real life had other thoughts, finally now May '40 Miniatures is becomming a reality.

May '40 Miniatures is also a tribute to a great-uncle who fell on may 10th 1940 at Westervoort, defending his country, being only 20 years old himself. Furthermore, May '40 Miniatures is my tribute to all Dutch troops and civillians that fell during World War 2.


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